2017 Resolutions

This is a list of goals set out by some in the Geocache Talk community. If you want to add your goal for this year just email it in to geocachetalk@gmail.com or reach out to any of the podcast hosts on social media. If we are aware that you have reached your goal we will strike through it in red. Good luck to all of our friends in the Geocache Talk community. While you are knocking out your goals don’t ever forget to just have fun!

Gary – work on Jasmer and Fizzy, go to MOGA, hide a D5/T5 geocache

Memfis Mafia:
Kristi – finish the county challenge for Colorado
Jesse – get to 175 D5/T5 geocaches
Finish the Jasmer Challenge

Ed (Tick_Magnet):
– I have 7 spots to fill for Jasmer so will be going to Arizona for 12/2000 then later in the year a trip to Oregon and Washington to finish.
– My main goal is to do the Geocaching Triad including the APE cache reactivated

Scott (gsmx2):
– Get to 20,000 finds on my birthday (April 23)
– Create 52 Geocaching videos (complete?)

Sydney (Sherminator18):
– finish my 366 calendar (find a cache on every calendar day).
– Jasmer. Maybe next year I can take a trip to Michigan to get the 7/2000 and 8/2000 caches that are there.
– Continue to work on my Fizzy Grid.

Cecilia (Ravenclawtia):
– fill up remaining calendar days in 2017

Jim Stark (Starkacher):
– Complete the three tri-state challenge caches for Ohio/Michigan/Indiana
(the challenge caches located in each state requires 100 finds in both of the other two states, I have that many in Ohio & Michigan. I only have 39 finds in Indiana, the goal for 2017 is to find at least 61 more in Indiana and then get the three challenge caches)
– Finish the second round of 366 calendar fill (need 12 days)
– Get to the halfway point in the Ohio 360 degree challenge
(I have 160 degrees, so I need to get finds in at least 20 more degrees)
– Continue doing once a month hides until I get to 1 hide for every 100 finds and then maintain that ratio
(I should reach that point sometime mid-year).
– I would like to find a traditional cache on the two days of the year of which I have only attended events in the past.
– If my current monthly FTF streak (currently at 13) continues, I would be pleased, but I would not be too upset if that ends.

Valaina Maher (Butrflygirl)

Get to 49 states that I’ve cached in (will still need Hawaii)
100 Whereigo finds
– 5000 caches found
– Find a cache in Iceland


– Cache in all 50 states