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During the show we often mention a website or product and say you can find more info in the show notes. Well, here they are – all of the show notes form our past shows. Is there hidden stuff in the notes? Nah, we would never do that. It is not like we all have a hobby of hiding things in random places just on the chance that others may go behind us and find them. Bwah-hah-hah (evil laugh). No need to scroll all the way through this long list (unless you want to) -the list at the top is linked to each corresponding week of notes.

List of Shows

Show 46

Thursday, April 20th

Friday, April 21st

Saturday, April 22nd

  • 8:00 am – 8:30 pm MOGA 2017
  • Zak started the day early and got 12 icons before 10am
  • Gary, Susan, Geocaching with Darick and ½ of Couple of Bucks did 10 icons in one day
  • Zak competed in the two-man competition and came in 1st place!
  • Jesse, Joshua The Geocaching Vlogger, and Josh’s friends, Sam and Joe, competed in the 4-man MOGA cup race and won!
  • 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm MOGA Closing CeremoniesSunday, April 23rd
  • 8:30 am -10:00 am Mad Chef and Brawny Bear’s Annual MOGA Breakfast

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Show 45

ASP Geobash XII GC6WW5C – May 20, 2017

Allegany State park
Quaker Area –
Redhouse Area –
The 65,000 acres (260 km2), Allegany State Park began on May 2, 1921, when an Act of the New York State Legislature approved the purchase of a 7,000 acres (28 km2) tract of land in the Quaker Run Valley.

  • What is the history of the event? When was it started?
    • An Allegany State Park employee, Mon@rch, wanted to have a Geocaching event in the park.
      In 2005, which was the year before the first ASP Geobash, he contacted NYGO, who directed him to the nearest club, which was the Allegany County Cachers Association.
      Brownout was the president of that group at the time and was excited about the idea and got the ball rolling.
    • Early on, it was clear that this event would attract participants from Pennsylvania, so 2 more caching groups, The Kinzua Area Cachers and The Keystone Cachers, were contacted for assistance. Several members from each of the three groups, and Mon@rch from the park, became the first ASP Geobash committee.
    • The first event had 3 main components that every ASP has contained since then; a bonfire on Friday, the main event on Saturday and a pancake breakfast to wrap it all up on Sunday.
      That first committee had quite a task, but were very successful. The held a 3 day event in May of 2006 that about 300 people showed up for. I’m sure that they were surprised that many attended and it created a challenge for them to try to grow this thing into a Mega Event.
      That first committee really should be thanked. Given that it was its first year, the committee had to figure out what they needed to do to put it on and personally paid for it.
      Here we are, working on ASP Geobash 12, over a decade later.
  • What year did it first make Mega status?
    ASP Geobash III, held in 2008 was the first one to get Mega status. It was attended by just over 500 people.
  • When was the idea started to choose an animal found in the part to be the mascot each year?
    Starting with ASP Geobash II, the committee decided to choose a different animal in the park each year to serve as a mascot. It makes it easier to brand each year’s event a little differently.
    So, ASP Geobash I and ASP Geobash X were the only events to not feature a single animal from the park as a mascot. ASP Geobash X was a little different because we featured the 9 mascots from the previous 10 events.
    This year’s mascot is the bobcat and we actually have next year’s mascot chosen and will be unveiling that at some point over the ASP Geobash XII weekend.
  • What activities are planned for the day of the event?
    The traditional Ammo Can toss. A creative cache contest. A kids coloring contest. Geo-bingo. Basket raffle.
  • Will there be Lab caches?
    Yes. This year we are going to have lab caches that are going to be various gadget caches in locations around the event grounds.
  • What vendors will be at the event?
    We are excited to be welcoming a “first timer” vendor this year. Space Coast Geocaching Store is going to be our main geocaching supply vendor this year. I guess they are planning to bring a lot of stuff, so that is pretty exciting.
  • Lackey(s) from Geocaching HQ will be attending
    This year, after not having one for a few years, we will have a lackey in attendance. Ben Hewitt, who is the Product Manager at Groundspeak and his wife Jayme, who is also a lackey. They go by the username benandjayme.
  • New night caches in the park are usually published on Friday and Saturday nights
    We will be releasing night caches each night. Not as many as last year when there were 4 each night, but a couple new ones. There are a lot of active night caches in the park right now, so there wasn’t as much of a need for a whole bunch of new ones.
    The night caches really are a highlight of ASP Geobash. It is just cool to go out into this wild park, in the dark, to follow trails of fire tacks. It isn’t a trip to ASP without getting a night cache. Very much a tradition.Satellite Events:
  • Thursday 6pm – ASP Geobash Pizza & Mountain Pies Event GC72FB3
    It is Thursday night at 6pm. This is a new event for the weekend. Thursday, throughout the day, a lot of activity happens. The grounds get set up for the bash. We usually have dozens of geocachers who show up to help out. We thought it would be nice to have a laid back, low key, potluck style event for those people that night for everyone to just relax before all of the craziness.
    We are going to have a fire for cooking mountain pies and the ovens in the mess hall will be available for anyone who wants to cook a pizza.
    Very laid back event. Should be cool.
  • Friday 5pm – Stoned in a Flash… in PA!!! (Flashmob Event) GC720RD
    It is hosted by the Steppingstones. It is held in the nearby Pennsylvania city of Bradford at 5PM. It is an event for people to hit up on their way to the park. First chance to meet up with some of the other bashers.
  • Friday 7pm – ASP Geobash Bonfire Meet & Greet GC72FAN
    It is held behind the mess hall, on the event grounds, at 7 PM.
    This has become a pretty exciting event. It has grown significantly. Usually around 300 people, so it has become as large as the original ASP Geobash.
    This year, a musical group, The Very Amazing Gentlemen, will be performing. They were the entertainment last year and were very well received, so we are having them back.
  • Saturday 7am – Stoned in a Flash (Flashmob Event) GC720RA
    This is another Flash mob hosted by the Steppingstones. This one is held in the nearby New York city of Salamanca. It is at 7 AM and usually everyone leaves from there to head on down to the main event.
  • Sunday – Unofficial Event Pancake Breakfast and Clean Up
    This is another component of bash weekend that has been around since the beginning. The organizing committee cooks sausage and pancakes for all attendees that show up. After eating, people usually stick around to help out with cleaning up the event grounds.

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Show 44

Difficulty- Effort needed to solve and find the cache and logbook at GZ.

Terrain – Physical effort needed to arrive at coordinates.

1 star
D: Easy to find or solve within a few minutes.
T: The hike is less than 0.5 mile (0.8 km) and wheelchair accessible (attribute required). Most likely paved and flat.

1.5 stars
D: Easy to find or solve within 10-15 minutes.
T: The hike is less than 0.5 mile (0.8 km). Most likely flat but may not be wheelchair accessible.

2 stars
D: Relatively easy to find or solve within 30 minutes
T: The hike is less than 2 miles (3 km) along well-defined paths with no significant elevation change or overgrowth.

2.5 stars
D: A mild challenge, but relatively easy for an experienced geocacher.
T: Terrain may have small elevation changes or moderate overgrowth.

3 stars
D: A somewhat challenging puzzle or hiding spot.
T: The hike may be more than 2 miles (3 km) on varied terrain – too difficult to ride a bike due to elevation changes or significant overgrowth.

3.5 stars
D: Quite difficult. Be prepared for a mental challenge.
T: Quite strenuous, extended hike on widely variable terrain.

4 stars
D: Very difficult and may take special knowledge, advanced preparation, or multiple trips.
T: Very strenuous movement that may include significant distance, overgrowth, swimming, or elevation changes.

4.5 stars
D: Extremely difficult. Most likely requires special knowledge or skills.
T: Extremely demanding movement over potentially hazardous terrain.

5 stars
D: The most extreme mental challenge. Requires specialized knowledge, skills, tools, or significant effort to find, solve, or open.
T: Requires specialized equipment such as scuba gear, a boat, rock climbing gear, or similar.

  • Does a tree climb automatically make it a 5T?
  • If a boat is required during some times of the year, is it still a 5 terrain? Ex. If you need a boat in summer, but can walk on the ice in winter.
  • Does a ladder qualify as specialized equipment? A 4×4?
  • Where would a 10 mile hike (or a 14er) rate for terrain?
  • How do you rate a “difficult” puzzle?
  • How do you rate the difficulty for challenge caches? Does the difficulty of the challenge requirements affect the rating for the cache?
  • How can we better cachers and better cache owners? Using attributes, better descriptions, reading logs and looking at photos if you want to do that.
  • Should a D/T rating be changed after a cache has been published?

Online rating system:
Another online rating system:

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Show 43

The 2017 CITO weeks will occur April 22-April 30, 2017 and September 23–October 1, 2017.

  • Cache In Trash Out events are gatherings of geocachers to improve parks and other cache-friendly places.
  • Examples of CITO-appropriate activities include tree-planting, trail-building, removing invasive species and removing trash from a designated location.
  • To be published on external events will need to designate a portion or section of the larger event to be by geocachers for geocachers.
  • CITO Event listings must include a start and end time and last at least 1 hour.
  • CITO Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community. Since 2002, CITO has helped preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. In that time, more than 240,000 people have volunteered at 11,000 CITO events.

Tips for Attending CITO Events:

  • Check the cache page to see if there is any equipment or special clothing you should bring/wear to the event
  • It is helpful to bring a trash grabber

Tips for Hosting CITO Events:

  • To host an event, contact a land manager, local organization, or government agency to determine your community’s needs. Make sure to get permission for your project.
  • Post on the cache page what activity you will be doing during the event
  • List any extra equipment that attendees should bring
  • Bring water and snacks to the event for attendees if you can.
  • Make sure attendees are being safe during the event. Instruct attendees not to pick up anything harmful but to let you know if they find anything
  • Have a plan to dispose of the trash you collect
  • If you are covering a large area, make sure you have a head count and provide transportation
  • You can CITO on a trail but moving events are against the rules so you have to keep someone at GZ.

Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger and Cache Advance are teaming up this month for the return of the #geochallenge and this month is to do a video or picture at a CITO event or picking up trash while out geocaching.
Joshua’s #GeoChallenge Video:


6 Steps to Organize a CITO Event


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Show 42

  • Flint Hills Geocachers is proud to be the hosting directors of, Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure (MOGA) 2017.
  • When it began? Founded in 2004, MOGA has held one of the world’s largest annual Geocaching based competitions with its origins in orienteering.
  • What states can hold MOGA?
  • What does MOGA stand for?
    • The Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure is the largest geocaching competition in the world. MOGA 2017 will be in Manhattan, KS USA on April 22, 2017. Manhattan, Kansas is the furthest west MOGA has traveled and will be the First Mega Geocaching event to be held in Kansas.
  • Friday Events
    • Lunch at NOON with #usgeocachinghour folks and geocache talk fans at the Little Apple Brewery
    • Treasure showing at 2pm with an Ask The Director right after the movie!
  • Saturday Events
    • The competitions – Individual, two person or four person team competitions. Find the most caches in the time period to win. Individual competition in the morning. Team competitions in the afternoon.
    • What activities do you have for people not in the competition?
    • You need to register to be at MOGA regardless of your level of participation.
    • Official MOGA Events:
      • MOGA Packet Pickup by the Pool GC7211Q
      • Flint Hills Welcome you to MOGA 2017 GC71YZ4
      • Mad Chef and Brawny Bear’s Annual MOGA Breakfast GC7212A
    • Events will take place at the Four Points by Sheraton, Manhattan Kansas
      530 Richards Drive, Manhattan, Kansas 66502, United States
      Any questions please contact us @

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Show 41.5


  • Prior to Thursday
    • Jesse’s getting to 5,000
    • Jesse completing several challenges, Gary’s thoughts on challenges
    • Our eventful conclusion to Jasmer and 5,000
    • Attempted Tree Climb at night
  • Thursday Night
    • Treasure was shown in a private screening in a Drive-In
    • people’s reaction at the end
  • Friday Night
    • Lab Cache experience
    • Blarney Blast
  • Saturday
    • Morning – event kickoff
    • Good Booths there, missed having FTF Magazine there
    • Met the new reviewer for Texas and had dinner with him as well as a Lackey, Meg Hatch aka Ponystream
    • Challenge Begins
    • Meeting Molly the Geocaching and Fire Safety Dog
    • Talking to so many wonderful people (from all over the world)
  • And the winners are ……North….again…5 years in a row
  • Next year is already set! Mark your calendars for 3/10/2018
  • Sunday
    • Fun note – we grabbed that FTF in Texas and when I got home one came out late at night – so I got an FTF in two different states in one day.

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Show 41 – WVTim Geocaching Seminar & Gadget Caches Recap


WVTim’s 9th Annual Geocaching Seminar

  • The event had 3 breakout sessions that lasted ~1 hour each. Each session had 3 options to choose from.

Travel Caching – 1st session

  • Recommended a website & app called RoadTrippers.
  • Can create a route and find various points of interest along that route
  • Can also get Google Earth Pro for free which can help visualize your route
  • Showed how to import that route into to create a PQ


Creative Cache Building

  • Location is key
  • Tim uses 4 different types of screws to put the cache together so that it is harder to tamper with
  • Different ways to provide tools: make a drawer on the cache, build the tool into the cache somehow (allen wrench) or make it a multi and provide the tool at the first waypoint
  • Tim uses untreated pine for his bird houses. Adds a primer coat and 3 layers of paint
  • Suggests waiting until you know your location to paint the cache. Can make it themed to the location that way.
  • After it’s painted use bug killer on the cache to prevent ants or other bugs from getting inside
  • Smart caches with arduinos
  • Program the arduino on your computer
  • Will need a power supply. Tim usually asks the cacher to bring some AA batteries
  • There are many different kinds of sensors; temperature, force, brightness, altitude. Also can use LED lights, buttons or switches

Tim has 4 caches on the premises of the event

  • Safecracker Have to look around GZ for 4 hidden clues in order to figure out the combination to the lock
  • *some assembly required Have to use provided directions and assemble a small device in order to figure out the coordinates for stage 2
  • Gadgets Supplied there is a drawer on the cache with a dowel, magnifying glass, a couple batteries, a battery case, and a washer. One of these items will help you figure out the combination to the padlock
  • This Old House A classic “find what is provided at GZ to help you open the cache”

Other noteable WVTim caches we found

Tim’s geotrails with reward coins still available


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Show 40 – Geopaul


Ape Cache News –

  • How did you first learn about Geocaching?
  • Who do you Geocache with?
  • Where has Geocaching taken you?
  • What do you like most about Geocaching?
  • What was your favorite geocaching experience?
  • Named Geocacher of the Month!
  • When you aren’t Geocaching, what are you up to?

Some of Paul’s Favorite Geocaching Moments

  • Paul’s 1000th Cache At The Top Of Mount Snowdon
  • ROC (Royal Observer Corps) bunker
  • Trip to America 10/29 in Florida



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Show 39 – Treasure Actor Rebecca Blair


Shirts for sale –


Show Topic – Rebecca – ANGELA in the movie

  • Bio
  • Rebecca Blair is an actress and writer, known for Treasure (2017), A Mother Torn (2015) and City of Mermaids (2016).
  • How did you get your start in acting?
  • You were a news anchor for many years. What was that experience was like? Did you cover any interesting stories?
  • Since we have an adventurous audience, I have to ask.. I hear you were a a Rock climber and may have a story to share?
  • Moving On (short)  Lead   Kriscourt Productions
  • A Mother Torn  Lead  Chris Williamson
  • Quick Summary: Erica finds herself in trouble and has to do community service at a soup kitchen to stay out of jail. She meets Ryan and they grow close while geocaching – a game played with a GPS-enabled device that allows you to download coordinates to ‘caches’ hidden by other players. Erica, Ryan, and her widowed father Ethan learn lessons about life by trying to do things they never thought possible. Together they discover the meaning of life isn’t so hard to find…if you’re looking for it!
  • Can you tell us about going to the casting call for Treasure
  • How was it working with:
    • Chris Williamson
    • Ansley Gordon – Erica
    • Matt Mercurio – RYAN
    • John Hardy – ETHAN


You can preorder the movie off the website: for 19.99 in the U.S. and 26.99 for International to cover the extra shipping cost

Treasure on Facebook

@TreasureFilm on Twitter




City Of Mermaids Supporting Zorya Films/Bobby Marinelli
Undertaking Supporting Kevin O’Neill
Runner (short) Lead A D Steele
Provides (short) Lead Chelsie Holler
Music Box (short) Supporting Dale Metz
Treasure Supporting Chris Williamson
Testament Supporting Tim Ritter
Dear Ones (short) Supporting J Keller Films
Chixor (short) Supporting Arrowhead Productions


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Show 38 – Texas MEGA


History of the Mega

  • Where is started?
  • How it changed?
  • When did  it first go Mega?
  • How it’s changed since then?
  • How does a city get chosen?
  • The main part of the Mega is a competition. How does it work?
  • Teams? Can I be on a team if I don’t live in Texas?
  • Do you have to participate in the competition? What other activities can attendees do?
  • Do you have anything new this year?
  • Who’s won?

This year’s event in Tyler


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