The Cache Exchange is a program started by the 3-happy-campers to spread caches, make new friends, and to add something extra to the game. If you geocache and you travel, you have probably thought “I wish I could hide a cache here.” If it is too far from home the maintenance would be a nightmare. The cache exchange solves that problem and helps you meet geocachers around the world. The general idea is to work out a trade in which you hide and maintain a cache locally and someone somewhere else in the world does the same for you.

To sign up for this program email the 3-happy-campers ( They will add your name to the list below and in a short time you can be the proud owner of a geocache somewhere else in the world.

Bookmark List

Cacher NameLocationCacher NameLocationCache Type
londonwestyOntario, Canada
gsmX2Ojai Valley, CA
Deadliest CachersDerby, NY
Bounce BouncePacific NW
Kneel MoreMichigan
thebruce0Ontario, Canada