2018 Resolutions

This is a list of goals set out by some in the Geocache Talk community. If you want to add your goal for this year just email it in to geocachetalk@gmail.com or reach out to any of the podcast hosts on social media. If we are aware that you have reached your goal we will strike through it in red. Good luck to all of our friends in the Geocache Talk community. While you are knocking out your goals don’t ever forget to just have fun!

Gary – work on Jasmer and Fizzy, Go to Texas Challenge, Go to Geowoodstock, hide a D5/T5 geocache

Memfis Mafia:
Kristi – finish the county challenge for Colorado
Jesse – get to 10K caches (6000,7000,8000,9000)

Ed (Tick_Magnet):

Scott (gsmx2):
– Get to 20,000 finds on my birthday (April 23)
– Create 52 Geocaching videos (complete?)

Sydney (Sherminator18):
– Jasmer. Maybe next year I can take a trip to Michigan to get the 7/2000 and 8/2000 caches that are there.
– Continue to work on my Fizzy Grid.

Cecilia (Ravenclawtia):
– fill up remaining calendar days in 2017

Jim Stark (Starkacher):
1. Carried over from 2017 resolutions…
Complete the three tri-state challenge caches for Ohio/Michigan/Indiana
(the challenge caches located in each state requires 100 finds in both of the other two states, I have that many in Ohio & Michigan. I only have 62 finds in Indiana, the goal for 2018 is to find at least 38 more in Indiana and then get the three challenge caches)
2. Continue to progress on Round 3 of the 366 calendar fill (need 27 days)
After many years of pursuing goals in regards to calendar fills, I am tired of these must find a cache on certain day goals, so I will not set a specific target this year.   However, I will track my progress and on these Round 3 days. I will see if I feel like going for a cache (or a few).
FYI:  Round 3 has 27 left, Round 4 has 75 left, Round 5 has 107 and Round 10 has 211.
         It is interesting tracking the progress even though I am not avidly pursuing these rounds.
3. There is one exception to my aversion this year to setting a goal of having to find a cache on certain days.   Jan 14 is the only calendar day on which I have never found a traditional geocache.  In past years, I found a Mystery, a Multi and an Event.     I will find a traditional on that date so that I complete Round 1 of a Traditional-Only 366 Calendar Fill.
4. I have hidden/placed at least 1 geocache a month for the past 25 months.   It was part of my goal to get to and maintain a ratio of at least 1 hide for every 100 finds.    As far as I know, a “Monthly Hiding Streak” is not a stat that I have seen tracked before.   But, once I noticed it, I decided I want to continue that streak (at least for another year).  This should also keep my Hide to Find ratio well above where I want it.
 5. Continue my current Monthly FTF streak (currently at 25 as of the end of 2017).
                That is now the 7th longest Monthly FTF streak of all Ohio geocachers.
                      If the streak continues, it would be the 5th longest by July 2018.
                This is the 3rd longest “Active” Monthly FTF streak of all Ohio geocachers.
                FYI: #1 in Ohio is the local FTF hound and a geofriend with 90 months and counting.

Valaina Maher (Butrflygirl)

– 5000 caches found
– Find a cache in Iceland

Frank Ibero (fsibero)

1. Get to 1000 finds total (need 423 finds in 2018 to achieve this) **Bonus, get to 1118 finds by December 31st so that I can log find number 1119 on 1-1-19
2. Types of caches to find to fill out my geocaching “resume”:
     Find 13 Unknown (puzzle, mystery, challenge) caches. (will give me 50 total finds)
     Find 17 Multi stage caches (will give me 30 total finds)
     Find 11 Virtual caches (20 total finds)
     Find 3 Earthcaches (10 total finds)
     Find 8 Letterbox Hybrid caches (10 total finds)
     Find 19 Wherigos (20 total finds)
     Attend at least 12 events including hosting 6 events
     Attend my first CITO (or host a CITO!)
3. Hide at least 1 geocache a month.
4. Meet at least 5 geocachers I follow on social media (YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Bloggers, etc.)
5. Find at least one 5/5 geocache that is not a challenge cache.