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Geocaching with Kids

2nd Wednesday of the Month

WorldWide CacheCon 2021

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Sunday Show is 8PM Central Time

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Gadget Talk

1st and 4th Tuesday of the Month - 8pm Central Time

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Puzzle Talk

2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the Month - 8 pm Central Time

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Challenge Talk

First Thursday at 7pm CDT

Meet the Geocache Talk Network

Gary Slinkard

Geocache Talk Podcast Co-Host

Gary Slinkard is an author and with his wife, Susan, gslinkandslinkymama, have been geocaching since 2006. They have found geocaches all over the United States from Hawaii to Massachusetts and Florida to Washington.

Jesse Lunsford

Geocache Talk Podcast Co-Host

The Memfis Mafia is always looking to inspire and give back to the game of geocaching. Our most recent contribution to that goal has come in the form of our first best selling book, Geocaching Challenges: The Game Within the Game.

Derek Baker

Geocaching with Kids Podcast / Gadget Talk Co-Host / Behind the Cache

This is a channel that you get to meet the people who create and hide those Geocaches that we love finding. Join me as we find out what the story is Behind the Cache. I will have a new episode every week. I hope you join me each week as we discover the story Behind the Cache each week.

Chad Champion

Chad Champion

Gadget Talk Podcast Co-Host

Since he began in 2014, Bouncebounce has taken the caching world by storm -challenging what defines a cache container. The technical skills and extreme level of detail are consistent characteristics of his hides and leave cache finders in awe.

Emily Dinsmore McConathy

Challenge Talk Co-Host

My geocaching name is pronounced like my given name - Emily Rene'. I found my first cache on January 11, 2006. I go geocaching everywhere life takes me.

Geoff May

Challenge Talk Co-Host / Cache the Line

Come follow along on some geocaching adventures in the wild blue yonder! See cool geocaches, beautiful locations, fun events, great people, all discovered as we cache the line from cache to cache!

Charles Watkins

Puzzle Talk Co-Host/ Pathfinder33

I am Pathfinder33, my YouTube channel is all about geocaching, and the adventures I have while geocaching with my family and friends. Come along and lets go for an adventure together!