Show Notes

Show 155 That Needs a Virtual!
Show 154 Bryan Roth – 20 Years of Geocaching
Show 153 The Lonely Cache with Russell Corfman
Show 152 Mingo Madness!
Show 151 3rd Anniversary Show with DarrylW4
Show 150 Live Audience from the GPS Adventure Maze!
Show 149 Treasure the Movie is Back!
Show 148 AR Geocache Run with Josh Boggs
Show 147 Geocaching Challenges Book
Show 146 Jessie Maxwell – Snag the Tag!
Show 145 Make Your Own Simple Gadget Cache
Show 144 It Remains A Mystery – Mystery Geocaches
Show 143 Geowoodstock with De and Tom
Show 142 Geocache Talk Network is Growing
Show 141 Using Project G-C
Show 140 David Rives – Extreme Geocaching Streaks
Show 139 Bahamas Geocaching Cruise
Show 138 Logging A Geocache
Show 137 Geocaching While Black – Marcellus Cadd
Show 136 17th Annual Texas Challenge and Festival
Show 135 Nano versus Ammo Can: Battle Royale
Show 134.5 GPS Maze Exhibit Discussion
Show 134 The Travel Bugs Music and Announcement
Show 133 Benchmarks with Benchmark Blasterz
Show 132 Cachly 5.0
Show 131 Geocache Quality
Show 130 with John Korsgat
Show 129 GTStash Finders Show

Show 128 Daniel Pflieger – Hanover Geocaching

Show 127 3rd Annual Podcast of Hope 2018

Show 126 County Challenges with SuperNate and Pathfinder33

Show 125 Big Reveal GTStash Wrap Up Show

Show 124 At Your Own Risk Movie Review

Show 123 Geocaching Memory Lane

Show 122 Geowoodstock 2019 Preview

Show 121 Neil Moore and Bob Billy

Show 120 Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with Joshua the GCV

Show 119 How NOT to Make a Multi-Cache

Show 118 Geocaching Ethics

Show 117 Bryan Roth – The Beginnings Of Geocaching

Show 116 The Houma Geotour

Show 115 Going Caching Mega

Show 114 Geocaching with Different Abilities

Show 113 LANMonkey – Geocaching in Iceland and Beyond

Show 112 Needs Maintenance and Needs Archive

Show 111 The Geocaching Puzzle Show with Electric Water Boy

Show 110 Scott Berks and Shorty Knits Summer Geocaching

Show 109 Jon-Paul Barr – Making Geocoins

Show 108 The Big Reveal

Show 107 Stardustzzz and Seemyshell

Show 106 Cachly 4.3 and Apple Watch

Show 104 The Geocaching Vlogger Goes to Germany

Show 103 Favorite Geocaching Finds Part Two

Show 102 Augmented Reality Geocaching

Show 101 Gigastock Recap Show with DarrylW4

Show 100 Geocache Talk Milestone

Show 99 Hendl Geocaching on the Zugspitze in Germany

Show 98 Matthew Janiak – GGA Weekly Geocaching Challenges

Show 98 Matthew Janiak – GGA Weekly Geocaching Challenges

  • Quick Bio on GeoMonkeyTiger!
  • Check out his appearance on Geogearheads:
    • GA Challenges (Origins)
        • Looking for a way to get folks out having fun and caching
        • Looking for something that could be done by cachers of all levels
        • Looking for something that could be done regardless of location
        • Create engagement on our Facebook page and get folks sharing Geocaching pictures and stories
      • Encourage People to Attend GGA Events
    • GGA Challenges (Process)
        • New challenge each week or so
        • Challenges published on Sundays, challenge period is Monday to Sunday
        • Each user provides “proof” they completed the challenge by Wednesday after challenge is complete
        • Each challenge has three levels
            • Bronze (1 point): Can be done by almost any cacher
            • Silver (3 points):  A little tougher
            • Gold (7 points): Can be challenging to do
          • Alternate (7 points, some weeks): We will sometimes do an alternate if the Gold may be extra challenging for some
        • We keep track of everyone’s progress on a “Leaderboard”
        • Those that are official GGA members are entered in a monthly prize drawing (With the number of points they earn on the challenges equalling tickets in the drawings)
      • If members come to the monthly event, we will double their entries in that drawing!
    • FTF Magazine Commercial
    • What makes a good challenge?
        • Must be reasonably trackable
        • Must allow for multiple levels, with at least one level doable by nearly all cachers.
        • Attending the monthly GGA events should help with the challenge
        • Challenges cachers to try something outside their comfort zones (mysteries, multis, Wherigos, etc…)
        • Possibly help try to teach new skill (ways to search, tools to use, benchmarking, etc.)
      • Doable across the state
    • Challenges with creating challenges
        • What creative things can you have cachers do without being too repetitive?
        • What are the right levels?  What’s too hard? What’s too easy?
        • Is the challenge doable regardless of area?  How hard for non-metro people?
      • Most “competitive of the challenges
  • Matthew’s tips for Challenge Planning
      • Making a note using corrected coords
    • Challenge caches that you may have never heard of
        • Love the 1/1 challenge…hey, it’s not as easy as it may seem!
        • 31 days of Multi
        • 31 days of mystery
        • Lonely cache challenge
        • 100 days of different CO every day
        • Streaks LOVE/HATE
        • Non-traditional cache challenges
        • Double up if you can…two or three challenges at once
        • Tell the flashing red light cache story
        • Friend League opinion
        • Challenges push you to do something new?
        • Challenges push you to learn new skills?
        • Cache placement challenges
      • Incentivising Challenges
          • Prizes or no prizes?
          • How frequent?
          • “Present to win” or not?
          • How many?
          • Cost?
          • Leaderboards
          • Adding “Extra” things
          • Give an incentive for top performer on weekly challenge
          • Bonus challenges (CITO’s, referrals, etc.)
          • GMT!’s favorite challenges and why
          • I hate caches being lonely
          • Also, most cooperative.  I saw many people working together
        • Encouraging newer cache visits

Show 97 Do You Know the Way to Cincinnati?


  • Quick Note on Viewing the Chat Room
  • Webcam Watch US:114 World: 278 Disabled: 3
  • 1419/4000 Virtual Rewards published
  • One user explanation for the delay…email section
  • Geocaching turned 18 and Gary has a question for each of you…
  • Lots of emails!
  • Instagram Giveaway – May the Fourth Be With You (Cache Saber Geocoin)
  • Winner: @geo_spike
  • New Blog Post: A Canadian’s Planetary Pursuit by Geocacher Ken
  • Shoutout – Tick_Magnet’s 5000th find at Jangie’s event today?
  • Oldest Caches in:
  • Ohio (controversy)
  • Illinois
  • Indiana (controversy)
  • Kentucky
  • Tennessee
  • West Virginia
  • Jasmer Jems
  • Gary’s List
  • GCAAD0 Virtual Cache Centerville Stop I-40E
  • GC24G0C Traditional Cache Conjunction Junction…
  • GCC41A Virtual Cache Drove It Into The Ground
  • GC1A369 Ohio and Mississippi River Confluence EC
  • GC710E Virtual Cache Fort Defiance, Confluence of America
  • GC1X6BR Traditional Cache Location, Location, Location
  • GC95A2 Virtual Cache Patterns of Force
  • GC9073 Virtual Cache Reflections/snoitcelfeR (2002)
  • GC3846B Earthcache The Mississippi River @ Memphis, TN
  • After some research we decided  the building in the background is the library on the campus of the University of Tennessee Martin.  The coordinates should be N36 20.453 W088 51.914. ONLY use this location if the original camera is still broken per the CO.  He’s generously keeping the webcam active & allowing an alternative camera as back-up.
  • GC4FCWR Traditional Cache Welcome to Arkansas!
  • Jesse’s List
  • Road to GIGA (Not)
    18 ½ hours 1,258 miles (straight)
    GC28 Traditional Cache Beverly
    GC22Y58 Earthcache Cave Spring On The Current River
    GC7F7HZ Letterbox Hybrid Grandma’s Letters
    GC4113 Traditional Cache Sitting on a Spider
    GC4M392 Unknown Cache The >2/2 Streak Challenge
    GCGVRN Webcam Cache Visions of Salt Creek
  • Other obvious ones… webcams, virtuals, and yes even earthcaches (easy ones though)
  • Counties and Jasmers would be on my list for sure
  • Any really cool challenges along the way
  • Don’t laugh but – benchmarks too
  • Events (host)
  • Zak’s List
  • Counties to and from GIGA (50+ new ones?!)
  • Oldest caches in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and maybe more
  • Prioritizing any Jasmer caches even triple and quadruple loops to make future Jasmer chasing easy. Any 2000 and 2001 caches.
  • All webcams on the route.
  • Closest virtuals to the route.
  • Any 500+ FP caches along the route.
  • Attend White Sox game.
  • In Cincinnati:
  • Donut trail
  • Lab caches
  • Challenge caches
  • Fizzy combos
  • All things mentioned on route
  • Virtuals/Webcams
  • Grand Forks – stay there or back (siblings) – 1st Whereigo!
  • Overwhelming! Check Cachly at pit stops – FTFs!
  • Help move trackables
  • Social Media – IG (@sgerbs10; @geocachingvlogger; @kokohawk22; @muzikfreec) and Twitter (@SuperNateTN; @TSMOLA01)
  • Traditionals/Letterboxes – favorite points and close to road
  • Overnight – walk around by hotel
  • New States – Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana (Michigan)
  • GIGA – download an offline list including easy-to-walk to caches + Lab caches (never found one); go with others, if offered
  • Donut Trail – 1st GeoTour!
  • Pick up others recommended/we didn’t find on the way back
  • Ask listeners to take a picture by/with caches on our routes? #GeocacheTalk – share on IG? + Blogs?
  • GC1DNP7 Take a risk…Phoon in public!
  • Treasure is being shown at Gigastock
  • ?Hi everyone! Here are the showtimes and location. We’ll be announcing how many discoverable codes are hidden in the movie! ???Date: Thursday, May 24
    Times: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm (2 showings during this time)Date: Friday, May 25
    Times: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (2 showings during this time)Venue for both days:
    River Hills Christian Church
    6300 Price Rd.
    Loveland, Oh. 45140There is parking for a couple hundred people at a time, and it is easily accessible.

Final Word (Jesse) – Tune in to GeoGearHeads Podcast on May 10th – Attending MEGAs/GIGAs

Events in Myrtle Beach SC – 5/29 donut event, 6/2 CITO kayaking

Show 96 Geopaul – UK Geocaching

  • 3/12/17  Show 40 – Geopaul from across the pond!
  • UK MEGA 2018 – being held in Yorkshire. 8/4
  • GeoPaul Vlog updates
  • Caching in the UK v. In the US?
  • Are there huge differences?
  • What are the differences?
  • What rules do you see most on placing caches in London? Along a road? In the countryside?
  • D/T different in parts of the country 5s
  • Most common size/type
  • Events – common type
  • Muggles? LEO?
  • Dangerous caches (liability)
  • AMS Travel Sales Commercial
  • Church Micro Series
  • What is the SideTracked Series
  • Winning the National Geocaching Award for best vlog/blog 2017

Show 95 Nathan Lewis County Run

  • Dates: February 2 – March 10
  • 37 Days / 6 Weeks
  • Total number of caching days: 32
  • Total number of miles traveled: 8,424
  • Total Cache Finds: 407 (6 FTF’s)
  • – Traditional: 316
  • – Puzzle: 26
  • – Lab: 20
  • – Virtual: 17
  • – Event: 10
  • – Multi – 5
  • – Letterbox: 4
  • – Webcam: 3
  • – Earthcache: 3
  • – Mega Event: 1
    – CITO Event: 1
    – Wherigo: 1
    Bonus: 2 benchmarks
    Busiest caching day: March 5 (60 finds)
    Number of states visited: 11 (TN, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ, CA, OK, AR)
    Number of states cached: 10 (No finds in Georgia for this trip)
    AZ, NM, and OK were new states for Called2Care
    The state with most finds on this trip: California (197 caches)
    Countries: 2 (USA & Mexico)
    Number of counties completed: 112
    – 11,000th cache find (March 5)
    – 10,000th traditional cache (March 6)
    Rebecca‘s milestone: 2,400 (March 8)
    So you recently went on a very impressive geocaching trip. Let’s get started:
    Myself and Called2Care went on a 6 week geocaching roadtrip from Chattanooga, Tennessee to the Napa Valley in California and back.
    Goal for the roadtrip was qualifying for MaxB on the River’s “MaxB’s Golden Spike Contiguous County Challenge” GC59480
    Made 2 county paths. Went the southern route while traveling west, and returned via Route 66 & Interstate 40.
    Hosted 4 Trackable Tradeoff events during the trip
    Chattanooga, TN (GC7GP8X)
    Bossier City, LA (GC7H49Q)
    Midland, TX (GC7HDWW)
    Yountville, CA (GC7J9RZ)
  • Lodging was a mix of car camping, Airbnb, and staying with friends/family (my invite link for $40 off first Airbnb stay) Link:
  • Had to do a hotel once due to planning hiccup
  • HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TRIP (In order of occurrence):
  • Visiting the Munzee Headquarters in McKinney, TX (GC7CZV3)
  • Finding the oldest cache in Texas, in Arlington (GC62)
  • Hidden in Sept. 2000
  • Attending the S.W.A.G. Mega in Yuma, AZ (GC721Y0)
  • Finding the oldest cache in California, on Mt. Laguna (GC5B)
  • Hidden in Sept. 2000
  • Teamed up with friends from TN and AL.
  • 2 hours from Yuma
  • 80 degrees when we left Yuma. 40 degrees w/ 30mph wind on Mt. Laguna
  • 1+ mile hike through an open field.
  • Frozen, miserable hike
  • Hiking to the Hollywood Sign (GCQC55)
  • Attended a Jimmy Kimmel Live taping
  • It’s not live
  • Visiting the most Southwestern-most point in the continental United States (GC2DYC9)
  • Visiting the Four Corners monument
  • The musical highway east of Albuquerque, NM (GC5E2HD)
  • Primarily used Project-GC for planning
  • Strictly 1 cache per county. Very rare exceptions did I include 2
  • Searched entire states for caches with most FPs. Any along route were added
  • Searched for any DT or Jasmer qualifiers
  • A couple DTs & Jasmers for Rebecca
  • Most DTs needed are challenging, and we didn’t have time due to extent of the trip
  • Searched for travel bug hotels
  • Searched for Regular or large sized caches
  • Filled it in with everything else if a county didn’t offer the above criteria.
  • A couple times, we only had 1 cache to choose from.
  • Said our prayers that we would actually find it.
  • Found caches with Cachly
  • Learned that offline maps have county lines

Anyone going to be in Myrtle Beach SC during the first week of June?

How FTF Magazine Survived a Hurricane

  • HurricaneLead in: In August 2017 the southern eye wall of Hurricane Harvey made a direct pass over Port Aransas, TX, the home of FTF Magazine where you live and work on a boat called The Willie.Q. When did you first get the word you were in the path of the storm?
    Wed heard, Thu Mexico, Friday evacQ. After evacuating, how long did it take to learn the fate of the Willie?
    Sat facebook, Sun friend finds, Monday drove inQ. After finding the boat, what did you do.
    Spent First half of September babysitting boat.Q. How did you finally get the boat back to the marina?
    Two little boats, one big one. Moved boat back to marina on Sept 17, about 3 or 4 weeks in fema motel, first night back on boat Oct 11.

Questions from Chatroom

  • How did the mag get started? XXX
  • Would like to see more how tos XXX
  • Gary – how good are you at finding the Sparticus?
  • Has Port A and Rockport area recovered? XXX
  • European TripQ.  I heard you just returned from a trip to Europe. Where did you go in Europe and why?
    Brugse Beer VIII, vendor.Q. How did the event go, where there any hiccups?
    Brugse BeerFest spelling wrong on coins, not a fest. Later learned not about beer.  Mention CoinQ. Did you do any geocaching while you were there?
    One at castle, multi with Davy’s help. DNF on puzzle block cache, Cache in Bruges central squareQ. Do you have any other trips planned outside the United States?
    Marbella Spain to visit Camino family. We’ll be hiking the ? will stop to find fossil earthcache.
  • 12/11/16 Show 27 – Keith Petrus – FTF Geocacher Magazine
  • New Virtual? Did you hide one

What’s New at FTF Magazine

  • But first, a pathtag question…bronze, silver, gold pathtagQ. I saw that you included a hidden puzzle in the latest issue of the magazine. Will this be an ongoing feature?
    Yes, assuming I do not run out of ideas.Q. How has the puzzle contest gone so far?
    Printing error, not many solved.Q. I see you are now creating geocoins based on the cover of each issue? Is this something you will continue to do?
    It depends.Q. Do you have any other geocoins in the works?
    Artcoin, blank or with random artwork, some special requests.
  • What’s New at FTF Magazine
  • Mystery contest
  • Help with Path Tag creatures?
  • What you would like to see more of in folks submissions?

After our impromptu show last week, we have to ask what is your favorite geocaching adventure that was a traditional?

Giveaway Question:  Name of his boat: The Willie

Favorite Finds Part One


  • Send in your blog to Geocaching Jangie!
  • Audio Listeners coin giveaway winner: Rodney Hughes aka Billy Robson
  • Webcam Watch US: 114 WORLD: 279 DISABLED: 4
  • New Virtuals Watch: 1309/4000

Favorite Finds Part One


G:Chouteau Lock #17

J: Original Stash Tribute Plaque

by Geocaching HQ | GCGV0P | Oregon



J: Carolyn’s Cache

by Tahosa and Corey | GCHAAF | Colorado



J: Ed Watson was a Bad Man

by lorriebird | GCF353 | Florida

Lone Tree

by vixtran, shorty_smalls /Geo Gophers | GCBD5E | Oklahoma


G: After our 12-13-14 Event

J: Let’s Go For a Hike 2

by Memfis Mafia | GC5F528 | Colorado

Show 92 Doug Macrae – Geocaching to a 7th Continent

  • 12/18/16 Show 28 – Doug Macrae, Developer of Ms. Pac-man
  • Ms. Pac-man
  • Paid way through college with quarters from pinball and video games
  • The weight of quarters surprised me! $20 in quarters/pound?
  • Starting designing games rather than graduating, Ms. Pacman, total of 76 games
  • I wonder who came up with the first internal hard drive for the Macintosh? Oh, General Computer Corporation!
  • TV Guide?
  • Let’s get into the Geocaching!
  • Geocache series of classic games in Massachusetts (20) and Florida (45)
  • 7th continent, 90th country
  • Caching to your 7th Continent
  • 8 Countries
  • 8,459 miles
  • 7th Continent
  • Planning the trip
  • Starting in South America
  • Deception Island earthcache (5/5) GC115ZX: After getting our first physical Antarctica cache the day before for continent #7, RetiredGirl and I decided we would do the earthcache at Deception Island. Uh oh, a 5/5 but fortunately we are traveling with a geologist if the questions get too difficult for us.
  • Requirement #1: Take a photo with you and a volcano in Telefon Bay. Check. Requirement #2: Take a photo with you and the ruins in Whalers Bay. Check. Requirement #3: Take a photo with you swimming in Pendulum Cove. Wait, that water is 33°F.
    So what would we do for a Smiley? A few shots of tequila, a penguin bathing suit, and a polar plunge.
  • Speaking of great travel…
  • Just for our Geocache Talk Podcast Listeners, we offer a special perk on cruises, tours, hotel and resort stays (of over 3 nights).  Depending on the travel product you are interested in, that will take the form of a stateroom credit or a gift card. Just mention you heard about us on the Geocache Talk Podcast when you submit your Quote Request or schedule your 15 Minute Adventure Planning Session.
  • 152 Challenges
  • 26K finds
  • Leaderboard
  • Verification page
  • Maintaining
  • Future expansion
  • Current goals you are working on?
  • 100th geocaching country by end of summer (10 to go)
  • Targeting St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Grenada, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Vietnam, Cambodia, Isle of Man
  • 140 Location souvenirs (17 to go)
  • Missing Ulster, 7 regions in Australia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Malta
  • Oldest geocaches
  • 52 year 2000 caches out of 115; near target 60
  • 28 US states; near target 30
  • 26 countries; near target 30
  • 4 continents; near target 5

Owen fromKC​Please ask him if he will try for GC105E Conch Shell Horn —not found yet 2001 small island of Venezuela near Grenada

  • Increase Retired Monkey Challenge Trail from 152 to 175 challenge caches
  • Increase Video Game Classic Series South from 44 to 50
  • Live Coin giveaway question
  • How many countries has Doug found a geocache in?
  • Instagram winner is Rebecca Joiner
  • Audio Listeners coin giveaway question:
  • On, Doug mentions the number of Penguins he encountered on his Antarctica trip, what is the exact number he counted? 3,283,232
  • FTF Magazine this month: “Why Geocachers Make Great Mates”
  • Written by Paul Friesen with my collaboration during a trip to South Africa
  • GeoWoodstock appearance

Show 91 Proper Geocaching Logs

Show 90

MOGA 2018

Show 89 SoDakZak – It’s About the Numbers

Jesse – phone booth cache  The Big Red English Box

Show 88 Geowoodstock 16 with Jesse Tuttle

New Blog Post

Music – The Colour of Rhythm

Talks – TED Style

Scott Miller – GSAK

Dr. Kirk Yeager, Chief Explosives Scientist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) “How NOT to have your geocache blown up”

WV Tim – Smart Cache Talk

Two mystery speakers

Lab Caches in the park or around town? 30

Meet and Greet Area


Tickets are more than 50% discount at $9/person if purchased through the provided link.


Krone Conservatory

GeoWoodstock XVI – Street Party

Rounding Third and Headed For Home

GeoWoodstock XVI – We know Beer!

GeoWoodstock XVI – Toga Party

Geowoodstock Webpage


GWS 2018 Volunteer Group and fill out the information in the pinned post to let us know how you would like to help.

Show 87.5 Planetary Pursuit and Other Announcements

Planetary Pursuit

Planetary Pursuit launch support (aka FAQ)

Show 87 Texas Challenge EWB & De and BE Viking of the TXGA

16th Annual TXGA Texas Challenge & Festival on March 10th from 7 AM to 4 PM

Both – Sponsor Minute – FTF Magazine

Schedule of Events

Ice Cream on the Square – GC7FVCJ

Coffee Time – GC7FVCK

Jazzin’ Up Challenge – GC7FWXQ

2018 TXGA Texas Challenge – GC71QAW

Keep on Food Truckin’ – GC7FX10

Midnight in the Garden of Good Doughnuts – GC7FVCQ

Breakfast of Champions – GC7FVCT

CITO and 2018 Awards Presentation – GC7FVCW

First Ever Waymarkers Gathering – GC7HX8J

Show 86 Geocaching Jangie – Blogs Books and Big Skies

New Geocaching Website

Norwegian Geocaching Podcast

Geopod Norge

What could it be? What will happen March 19th on

Talk about your book –

Show 85 Geocaching & Trip Planning

Use Project G-C or GSAK spend a few bucks and become a premium member

Use the attributes to your advantage

401 Challenge – Gettin’ Social All Over the Place GC71V21 challenge for attended events in AT LEAST EIGHT STATES, CANADIAN PROVINCES OR FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

Show 84 What’s New at HQ?

New Blog Post from our New Blog Manager!  Angie, aka Jangie

Savannah, GA  Long Weekend March 16-19 St Patrick’s Day Special!

New FTF Magazine just came out!

Show 83 Maximizing Cachly Geocaching App

IB Geocaching is doing a group trackable for Pi Day.  People having events can get a trackable geomedal, dog tag, button, or keyring personalized with your event name.  Here’s the page.

Cachly Shirts