We talk a lot on the show and in our videos about Challenge caches. We mention the ones we are working on, the ones recently achieved by members of the Geocache Talk Network family, and ones we want to target. Since we talk about them so much, we thought we would add this page to put together some of the more classic challenges and their checkers for ease of use. We may be able to even add a leader board at some point. For now here are some of the more popular challenges, a brief description of each, and an accompanying challenge checker.


The Fizzy Challenge generally refers to completing your D/T grid with any type of geocache type. Once you have found at least one geocache with a rating from 1/1 all the way up to 5/5 you are done. This is one of the first challenges most cachers learn about and shoot for. You will often find some twists to this challenge making it much more difficult. Once you have completed the Fizzy once, how about trying for it twice, or five times, or… ok you get the point. Still not enough, how about filling out your fizzy grid with multi-caches or better yet Wherigos. If you want to check on your progress you can use this checker. PGC Checker


The Jasmer Challenge is one of the more difficult challenges to complete (especially outside of the US) because you have to do a lot of traveling. To satisfy this one, you have to find a geocache published in every month since the birth of geocaching way back in May of 2000. Just like others, this challenge can be done in loops and it is currently possible to complete this one up to four times. If you want to check on your progress you can use this checker. PGC Checker

365 Day Streak

One common challenge is to go on a streak (find a cache every day) for a full year. While there are several variations of this challenge, this checker is for 365 consecutive days of geocaching finds. PGC Checker