The Best

Geocaching is an interesting game to say the least. By its very nature we are supposed to operate in secrecy yet we are approaching 3 million geocaches worldwide and frequently have events with more than 5000 people attending. I think the secret is out of the bag. In case those numbers are not proof enough, geocaching has crept into television and movies. While most of those references are vague or in movies that don’t quite make the grade, we finally have one that correctly incorporates geocaching into a movie that is…. wait for it….good. Yes, it is a good movie and it made by a real geocacher. No burying of caches. No cheesy descriptions thrown into the script that were obviously pulled from a quick online search. That movie is Treasure. You may have already seen the preview at the top of this page. Well, here is another scene. Did you catch it? You know there is no way a geocacher would make a movie or that we would stamp it as legit without there being something extra hidden inside… its what we do. Yes the easter eggs in this movie come in the form or trackables. If you find all of the Easter eggs in this movie you are a true geocacher. The Director, Chris Williamson, did not make it easy. This is an exciting time for geocachers in that we all get to be around at the beginning as this movie first arrives on the scene. Treasure has already been shown to geocachers as it premiered at a drive-in theater during an event preceding the TXGA Challenge MEGA in March. Gary and Jesse, Geocache Talk co-hosts, were there to introduce the movie and patch Chris Williamson through to address the crowd for that historic event. Historic? If that seems like a little much, I will point out that we, as geocachers, have been waiting for someone to properly portray what we all love. There have been tons of bad references (as witnessed below) but now we have someone who has done it right. Also, Treasure is already scheduled to be shown at at least two more MEGAs. I am not revealing which yet… you will have to catch the podcasts to be the first to know. I also can not yet reveal all of the other exciting geocaching related events and promotions that will be associated with this movie. You guessed it… tune into the podcast to find out. Why is the Geocache Talk podcast so lucky that we are getting all of this inside scoop? The simple answer is we saw the potential and began interviewing the director and the stars(Ansley Gordon and Rebecca Blair). We recognized the impact this movie will have on our community and want to be a part of it. At Geocache Talk we don’t just talk about geocaching, we bring you all of the best information about geocaching in all of its forms.  

The Rest

Here we are assembling a list of other references to geocaching on television and in the movies. Fair warning, they are not good but they do mention geocaching so we are including them. If you know of one that we missed send it in:   Many of you are probably familiar with Splinterheads. It was.. well, not good. Yes, it did include geocaching but is not what you would call a family friendly blockbuster. I wanted to post some of the reviews however most were not appropriate for our site. You can check them out for yourself here on Rotten Tomatoes. You should be able to find this film on Netflix or iTunes. Geocaching has also been mentioned in several television episodes including iZombie, Law and Order, and even mentioned by Liev Schreiber on Jimmy Kimmel. I will add as many clips, links, and/or references to those show as I can. iZombie mentions geocaching on episode 13 of season 2. Law and Order: SVU (not great quality and contains an adult reference) Switched at Birth: Quick clip where one of the characters finger spells geocaching.