Geocache Talk is interested in all things geocaching and our attempts to bring the best information and entertainment to the geocaching community takes all forms – including books. The co-hosts of the Geocache Talk Podcast are also authors and intend to continue to add value to the geocaching universe by bringing the best information available while still providing entertainment.

Gary Slinkard (gslinkandslinkymama)

Gary Slinkard was the first to join the fairly exclusive group of people who are both geocaching podcast hosts and authors of geocaching books. His first book Hide and Seek: Life of a Geocacher debuted on January 17th 2017. The second book, 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die published in March of 2017 and he recently released a second edition with 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die: Second Edition What’s so great about geocaching? Geocaching is the outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to hide and seek containers at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world. But it is so much more than that! It is where it takes you to find them, it’s the people you meet and the challenge of the hunt. WHY THESE LISTS?If you are a geocache then the answer to this question is, “why not?” Or “it’s about time!” If you’re not a geocacher then my hope is that this book will inspire you to become one. Geocachers, by nature, make lists. We make lists of the geocaches that we want to find or we make lists of geocaches that have inspired us and we want to make geocaches like them.

Jesse Lunsford (Memfis Mafia)

Jesse Lunsford recently released Geocaching Challenges: The Game Within The Game which is an amusing but informative collaboration with the CFO. The book focuses on Geocaching Challenges specifically in a way aiming to be informative and entertaining. Whether you are a Geocaching novice or a founding member you should be able to find something new or at least be able to relate to and laugh at the stories held within. Inside this book you will learn about classic challenges, the history of the type, and even how to publish your own. All of the books from the Geocache Talk network can be purchased on Amazon and signed copies can be bought in person at select MEGA events around the country.