Currently, the Geocache Talk Podcast Crew consists of three hosts from across the United States – Gary, Jesse, and now Derek. You will hear them on the weekly podcast or on the new monthly podcasts.

What is Geocache Talk all about anyway?

Geocache Talk started as a podcast about geocaching and was the brain child of Gary, the founding team member. Since then Gary brought Jesse on board and the world of Geocache Talk has begun to expand. Now, the show and this site will cover all things geocaching including other mediums such as books, blogs and even classes designed to elevate the game. Stay tuned as announcements about the ever expanding world of Geocache Talk will be coming shortly and often.

Why do you have two hosts?

That is a good question with a simple answer. Each of the hosts have a different style of caching, different perspectives on the issues, and are even geographically spread out. Gary lives in the great state of Texas and Jesse is in the mid-west doing his caching in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The hope is to provide a balanced experience and knowledge base bringing the listeners (or watchers) the best show possible.

How often do podcasts happen?

There is a live podcast every Sunday at 8 Central Time and now there are two additional podcasts during the month. Also on some occasions, there will be a mid-week show when there is just too much to cover to wait until the weekend. All three hosts are active on Periscope and have posted a few live videos on Facebook as well. To catch those shows, be sure to follow or friend us on Facebook and twitter.

We love our viewers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email us or reach out on the many platforms we all tend to frequent to tell us what we’re doing right or where we can improve.  You can subscribe either on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or here:
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