Originally there was only one podcast under the brand of Geocache Talk. This podcast was taped live every sunday, starting on the 12th of June 2016. On that first episode Gary Slinkard launched a show that would continue for over three years (and counting) and would expand far beyond what he imagined. In February of 2017, Gary brought Sydney (Sherminator18) and Jesse (Memfis Mafia) on board to add some balance and begin to go in a new and exciting direction. Sydney would remain on the show for almost a year until she retired in January of 2018. 

On the topic of books, both Gary and Jesse have worked to add a few to the geocaching landscape. Gary published Hide and Seek: Life Lessons of a Geocacher and 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die in 2017. Gary followed this up by revising his second book with 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die: Second Edition in 2019. Jesse published his first geocaching book in 2019 with Geocaching Challenges: The Game Within The Game. Both Jesse and Gary are working on additional books within the realm of geocaching.

In 2020, the Geocache Talk Network began to expand past affiliates to launching additional podcasts. The first podcast added was Geocaching with Kids by Derek Baker of the Baker6Clan. Derek was no stranger to the Geocache Talk family as he had been a guest, an affiliate and also had designed many of the graphics for the network. 

Geocaching with Kids is an audio only podcast that, as the name implies, focuses on geocaching as it relates to children. With monthly stories and guests Geocaching with Kids is a great addition and resource for the community. 

After that, Gadget Talk, another Live video/audio podcast was added. Gadget Talk is a monthly podcast that focuses exclusively on teaching cachers how to build creative and gadget style caches. These step by step videos come with a parts and tools list. 

Now we have Puzzle Talk, another Live video/audio podcast was added. Challenge Talk is our new monthly podcast focusing on geocaching challenge caches, the game within the game.

You can contact us at:
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