My passions include my family (wife Jessica, 3 boys Lyle, Sam Curtis and my daughter Niki), Video Production, and Geocaching. Most days, a good portion of my time is devoted to one or all of these things.

We have been caching since 2012 under the name Baker6Clan until recently when Curtis and Niki, also known as “The Nano Kids,” wanted their own accounts. My wife and I still cache under Baker6Clan.

I wanted to combine my love for video production and geocaching, so I created my YouTube Channel called “Behind the Cache”. I love hearing the stories of the locations and finding out how creative containers are made from cache owners.

Also, I build “Gadget Caches.” This is a part of my geocaching hobby that I get to use to get my creative juices flowing. I love solving physical puzzles and putting things together. I think that is why I love building “Gadget Caches” so much.

Baker6Clan at Going Caching MEGA

While seeing how much fun it is to create videos and sharing our geocaching experiences with “Behind the Cache,” Curtis and Niki decided that they too wanted to create their own YouTube Channel and they became “The Nano Kids.” I love seeing them cache and the excitement in their eyes when they find the hidden container.

In the, beginning of 2020 we started a monthly Podcast on the Geocaching Network called “Geocaching with Kids”. GWK is where we share our failures, triumphs and adventures as we cache as a family. We also like talking to other geocachers who geocache with their kids and hear about their stories as well.