Geocache Talk loves to challenge cachers and attempt to bring innovative ideas to our favorite hobby, geocaching. The Network recently revealed their newest side game, involving puzzles, mystery, and adventure. Show 108 The Big Reveal explained this exciting contest in great detail. This blog post will be written to outline these ideas, plus give the next clue – clue #2! However, listening to Show 108 is highly encouraged.

The Game

Over the past several months, the Geocache Talk Network has hidden multiple containers in the lower 48 states. Each week, during each show, Gary and Jesse will announce where the next clue can be found, aka on any of the Geocache Talk accounts (YouTube, the podcast, the website, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook). You will need to piece together the clues, perhaps with a team, and locate the container in real life. The clues will be in a pattern (ex. GTS1 – Clue 1; GTS2 – Clue 1; GTS3 – Clue 1), except the first two weeks/clues will be overall clues for all the hidden containers. Picture all containers on a list. Each container will receive a clue until all containers have one clue, and then the list will start over. Staying organized and perhaps creating a spreadsheet would definitely help.

The Rules

  1. Grab the container.
  2. Send the code inside the container to
  3. Take a selfie with the find at the location.

The first person to find a container wins the stash. The remaining containers will be up-for-grabs, and those who find the other physical containers will receive a consolation prize. If a team solves a container’s coordinates together, they will split the entire stash .

The Prizes

Each week, the stash will grow! Watch the website to see the list of loot. To begin the GTS, here is a picture of all the virtual goodies waiting for a Geocache Talk listener.

List of initial prizes: 201 Geocaches to Find Before You Die book; Sophia Finds a Geocache book; Hide and Seek: Life Lessons of a Geocacher book; DuckTales trackable; GeocacheTalk Extagz; Signal Geocoin; FTF Geocoin.

Clue #2

This clue relates to all the hidden containers.

No container is in any of the Geocache Talk Network members’ home states.

Have fun and let us know how it goes. If this “season” works well, we hope to set up a Season 2 and go international. We wish you all luck in your GTS searching endeavors!

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