Dear Geocache Talk Blog Reader,

My name is Angie, aka Jangie or @GeoJangie, and I am honored to be the new blog manager here at Geocache Talk. I’d just like to say, I’m a huge fan of the show! You may have seen me in the chat room, but usually I’m putting my daughter to bed during the live feed, so I typically catch the recordings while I exercise, drive, or complete chores. The episodes have become a way to treat my geocaching addiction, especially during the weeks I’m unable to find a cache. For this post, I’d like to introduce myself, explain my ideas for future blog posts, and share my contact information with you all, the readers, writers, and inspiration for this platform.

In April 2012, my husband (then boyfriend) and I discovered our first geocache, one of those magnetic silver plates, and we became hooked on the hobby. The story behind our geo-handle is pretty simple; we combined our names (Jon + Angie = Jangie; I think “Jongie” was taken haha). We’ve traveled across the great state of North Dakota, along Highway 2 countless times, through the Badlands, down low-maintenance roads, collecting memories and smileys. We were searching for camouflaged Tupperware when he proposed! I’ve always seen geocaching as a way to discover new locations or re-discover the everyday spots; each find is an adventure.  Only recently, when I began my blog (Geocaching Jangie) and joined more social networks in 2016, did I fully realize another special aspect of our hobby – how it connects the players.

Geocaching would not exist without us, the geocachers. Of course we find the caches, but we, in turn, must hide them as well. I’d like to see this blog function in a similar fashion. Together, I hope we can craft posts together, uncover the stories and perspectives you like to read, and enjoy them as a community. Each geocacher contributes a unique piece to our game board, and I’d like to help you write about that thrilling tale, premium long-time member expertise, cache construction, or any other topic that speaks to you.

Please contact me with your ideas about future posts or your desire to be a guest blogger. What do you want to read? What do you want to write? I will be asking members in the geocaching community to help collaborate on posts, if needed. The plan is to publish a new blog post the first Friday of every month. I can be reached via my email: or through @GeoJangie on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Stay tuned for more geo-licious articles!


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