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Gadget Talk originated with the goal to inspire more creative caches to be built and released into the game.  Monthly we will build different creative caches, complete with a parts list provided ahead of time so you can build and ask questions right along with the podcast.  

This will be an opportunity to develop new skills and techniques to make creative caches.  Viewers are encouraged to submit questions and ideas to help drive the podcast in ways that geocachers would like to see caches placed out in the wild. 

A cache by hogbot
Batteries Not Included
A cache by EJKPBR
Geocache Talk Gadget Cache #1
A cache by DireWolf821

Builds by the Network

Mafia Princess (our resident teenage cacher) is working alongside Chad and attempting to build her own version each month. She has not published the first one but plans to put them out as a series once she has a few assembled. These will be her first attempts at building any type of gadget cache on her own so it should be a fun experiment. Sadly for the Mafia Princess, she is not eligible for any prizes associated with the contest we might run along the way.

Memfis Mafia