GC World is a card game based on Geocaching. Each card has a Geocache listed and the goal is to guess one of 5 different cache types. Once you guess all 5 you win but there’s wild cards in there as well. Fun for 2-5 or more.

GC World is a fun way to explore the exciting world of geocaching from your tabletop! Grab 2-5 friends and try to guess five different cache types from clues provided on 40 cache cards. Some cards provide help along the way, but miss too many and you’re out. Guess all five first and you win!

Game can be purchased for US $15 and US $25 worldwide directly from Gary.  Send him an email at garyslinkard at gmail dot comRules Update: Please add VIRTUAL to the options for SIZE while playing the game.

GC World Scorecard