Fake rocks are very useful for devil geocaches in the country and for parks in the town. You can make a fake rock in different sizes and adapt it to each container. There are several ways to make a fake rock, but here are steps to make it easy and cheap. If you need a big one, you´ll need to use polystyrene or a similar material in order to make it lightweight.

STEP 1: It´s very important to study the rock’s environment. Take a picture to get the shape, texture, colors, size, etc. If you can, bring a rock to your home and use it like model.

STEP 2: You need a Tupperware (or another container), cardboard, cement, sand, and some paints. Make a hole in the cardboard with the size of the container. This will be the base of the fake rock.

STEP 3: Make the mortar (1 part cement, 2 part sand). Mix it thick, with little water. Another option is to buy prepared cement in your hard store. Perhaps, you can use (optional) waterproofed mortar day for some kind of rocks.

STEP 4: Apply roughly with small trowel. Make the shape: rounded, sharp, make some deep cuts and holes.

STEP 5: Wait one or two hours until it´s partially dry. Make the exterior texture using a real stone or similar.

STEP 6: Wait one or two DAYS. Apply paint with a rag by parts: ocher, brown, beige, dark grey… Look at your picture or the rock model.

STEP 7: Scrape with a stone to unify the texture and the colors. As another option, you can apply black (or dark green) spray paint over the rock to get moss look.

And you get it! Try it and you will see that you will make better every time. Have fun!

Adolficus is an evil cache creator who resides in Spain. He shows off his devious hides on Instagram (@adolficus) and Twitter (@AdolficusGC). If you do use these steps to make your own fake rock, tag Adolficus and @GeocacheTalk in your post – we’d love to see your creations!

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