It was a camo-taped pill bottle inside a rotten stump and under a couple of large rocks with naturally occurring leaves on top that I miraculously found as my second ever geocache that gets credit for reeling me into the wonderful world of geocaching. I was really very surprised at how well this cache was hidden and even more so that I uncovered the treasure, because I had convinced myself I was only going through the exercise of being thorough, and surely a geocache could not be so impossibly concealed. I extracted that cache as if it were Excalibur and held it with reverence while I experienced dizzying awe and confoundedness.

1riverlife pauses during the satisfying act of solving a gadget cache and spilling ink on the log.

THAT was my moment. The moment I realized that geocaching was a real and desirable challenge. It’s true, I am a beginner and hold hope that every stage of my geocaching career will be this exciting and fun. Much like my primary hobby of birding, geocaches, like birds, are heavily populated nearly everywhere people go and only recognized and appreciated by an enlightened few. Understanding quickly what I had been missing, walking by, tripping over, and otherwise oblivious to, I dove into research and best practices for game play. resources, YouTube channels, podcasts, events, and local groups all helped with open arms to welcome me to the game. By the time I stumbled into a Geocache Talk live stream I was as well informed as expected for a rookie. Again, the geofamily welcomed me and offered sincere guidance. Thank you very much geoelders, your kindness is appreciated. I have met with several groups at small events now and the story is always the same. Lots of love and laughter served with a side of nonsense! One of my favorite things about geocaching to date is the direct community contact that results in relationships, environments, and collaborations that enhance the quality of life for players and non-players.

An ammo can cache in the deep woods elevates my outdoor experience in many ways.

1riverlife lives in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee. He enjoys local and travel geocaching, a new member to the New Cache Order group. His wife, 1riverwife, and he are looking forward to the Giga in Cincinnati. You can find his adventures on YouTube (River Life) and Instagram (1riverlife). Plus, keep an eye out for his first pathtags, which he plans to bring to the Giga event and use as a reward for his hide series, Kingsport Birding Trail (GC7J0Q0), and his favorite trackable, Active Transportation Rest Area (TB7YXPA).

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