We are now up to five podcasts on the Geocache Talk Network. For more on each show check out their individual page or the About Us page for their history.

Gary and Jesse

Geocache Talk – LIVE

This is the flagship show. This one started it all way back when. While it was always intended to be primarily an audio show, the taping of the show is well attended by over 400 geocachers a week who have made the chatroom a unique experience all of its own – with inside jokes, friendly banter, and even a drinking game.

Geocaching With Kids

As the name implies…

Geocache Talk Presents

Audio only podcast of in-depth interviews with geocaching personalities.

Gadget Talk

A second LIVE video/audio podcast instructing how to build creative and gadget style caches. Check out the next project on the Gadget Talk page.

Patron Podcast

This one would be exclusively for the Geocache Talk Patron Family. While the details of this podcast are only available to Patrons, we can say that it is an entirely new podcast with breaking news that can’t quite be released to the public, personal stories, and future plans that have to be kept in-house at least for the time being.


The next show…

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