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While our podcast can be found on all of the major podcast hosting channels like iTunes, Podbean, and Radio Public – catching the show live can be a lot of fun. During the live show, the chat room fills up with geocachers from around the world. It is a great time to interact with each other and the hosts as we talk about all things geocaching.

Come on in and poke around the site and find out what the show and its crazy hosts are all about. We hope you will find some helpful information, get a few laughs, and who knows … you may stumble on a hidden trackable or two. Geocache Talk is synonymous with the podcast, however our mission is to bring you information on all things geocaching. We have videos, books, an ever growing list of resources, information on geocaching in TV/Movies, and we recently added a vlogger. Once you’ve been around a while, you may decide you want to become a Patron and get even more inside information, SWAG, access to our secret Facebook page, and an invite to an exclusive game only played here.
This is a site for geocachers, about geocaching – created by geocachers. Enjoy!

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