Memfis Mafia

Jesse (Memfis)


My real name is Jesse but I seem to be known by more people as Memfis. I am the patriarch of Memfis Mafia and some would say master mind (but not the boss) of the family.  I am way too wise to live in a house full of women and think I am in charge. I am always looking to push the envelope and never back down from a new experience.  I love geocaching and always try to elevate the game from a simple scavenger hunt to an unbelievable adventure with every find I make. The only thing I love more than adventure is geocaching with my awesome wife and two wonderful daughters. OCQHJB

For some insight into how I think or maybe more accurately my perspective on this great game of ours, here is a recent pic of where geocaching can take you. I guess this wouldn’t be called going to new heights. Maybe going to new lows? Either way it made for a fun photo op. This type of caching, leaving the beaten path, is my favorite. We have all been asked what is our favorite style of geocaching. For me, it is the one that takes a lot of planning, maybe requires a little bit of travel, and if I’m lucky pushes me slightly outside of my comfort zone.


For 2018, we are setting a goal that is way out of character for our family -NUMBERS! We are shooting to pass 10,000 cache finds this year. Somewhat like when we went for our streak, this will likely be the only time we go for this type of goal so we want to make it a big one. Once January comes, the clock resets and we will decide on another type of caching for next year. Maybe we will tackle that pesky double and triple Jasmer we’ve been thinking about.

You can find the Memfis Mafia mainly on Instagram or just shoot us an email.