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EarthCaches – cracking the code

Many of you have heard me say that EarthCaches are not my favorite cache type. However, I started publishing them just to prove I could. Then I kept publishing them because people said they enjoyed them. I put together a few tips and tricks to help all of you publish a few for yourself.

The guide below is not meant to be a way to cheat the system but rather a guide for those who want to publish and EarthCache but have yet to be able. Enjoy, and get out there and publish an EarthCache. Please let us know if this helps.

EarthCache Guide for Educators

I recently came across an older resource that many may be unfamiliar with. It is full of information that may be helpful. I am going to add it here. As I go through it myself I will add the tips that I am able to pull out of it. If you find it useful please send in your tips as well. We all get smarter when we share information.

An Educator’s Guide to EarthCaching