As geocachers, we always set out to find every cache we look for and earn that all important smiley, but often things don’t turn out as we intend. When that happens, the dreaded Didn’t Find It option should be chosen. Not everyone likes to log their DNFs, but really there is no shame in it. Sometimes the cache is missing, sometimes the muggle pressure is too much for a proper look and sometimes you have gone what I like to call ‘cache blind’: the cache could be practically screaming LOOK AT ME and you still wouldn’t see it!

Geocache Talk - The Best Cache I Never Found

Despite the lack of a smiley face to mark your find, a DNF can be a memorable adventure on its own. Just because you didn’t sign your name in the book, doesn’t mean you didn’t create an awesome memory.

Never bet on that smiley! 

The best cache I never found was Grand prix de MONACO – Le casino (GC1Z0PD), which I didn’t find on 8th October 2014. As the name suggests, the cache is in Monaco, the tiny principality on the French Riviera, and more specifically it’s located at one of the doors to the casino in Monte Carlo. Or at least that’s where we thought it should have been.

I was in Monaco with my mom (caching name: The_Mother) and we had driven to Monaco for the day to see some of the sights and, of course, find a few caches to earn a new country souvenir! We did find some caches but this DNF was especially memorable.

Firstly, it was located at the casino in Monte Carlo – probably the grandest, most expensive place I’ve ever looked for a cache. I stepped back a bit from GZ to look at the big picture and see if maybe there was something else that might fit with the hint. I happened to take a snap of The_Mother doing a very thorough search of what we believed was the hint item and the picture always makes me chuckle.

Geocache Talk: The Best Cache I Never Found #1 - Grand prix de MONACO - Le casino

What did the many, many tourists who walked by think we were up to? What about the unbelievably rich people on their nearby balconies – did they wonder why we were getting up close and personal with every metal surface?

We didn’t get our names in the logbook that time, but it was memorable because it reminded me how bizarre our wonderful hobby must look to outsiders. We can smugly smile to ourselves though because although we may appear crazy, we know that we’re finding treasure whenever we go geocaching, even if we don’t find the cache!

Over to you…

What was the most memorable cache you didn’t find and why? I’d love to hear your story and share it here! Contact sarah@thegeocachingjunkie or find me on Twitter or Facebook.


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