Near the Ohio-Indiana line sits a cemetery. Within that cemetery is buried Robert Nesbitt. Who is Robert Nesbitt? Turns out he was not an Odd Fellow. That’s the cache I did not find — GC4HH4W Robert Nesbitt was not an Odd Fellow.

Robert Nesbitt was an Irish immigrant from Convoy, Ireland. He settled in Northwest Ohio and named his Ohio after his Ireland town — Convoy. And on Labor Day 2019, my family and I found ourselves at the gravesite of Robert Nesbitt.

My wife suggested we go to Lincoln Ridge Farm to buy some mums. I agreed if we also added a side trip to find what appeared to be a quick geocache. One of my 2019 goals was to complete my 366 grid, and Sept. 2 was one of the holes in my grid. The bonus was the cemetery is next door to the farm.

The owners of Lincoln Ridge and my wife have gotten to know each other in recent years. They sell their produce at our local Saturday morning farmers market, and we frequently buy corn on the cob or watermelon or blueberries from Lincoln Ridge when we go to the market. I had wanted to plant mums in front of our house for sometime, and I didn’t want to buy them from the grocery store. So, off to Convoy we went from our home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Feeding a horse at Lincoln Ridge Farm

We bought the mums and made our way to the cemetery. This is a two-stage multi cache and the cache page says the final is a 5-minute drive away. There is another cemetery across US 30 from this cemetery.

I get the information I need from Robert Nesbitt’s headstone and plug the numbers into the phone. It says we’re 7 miles away. I redo the math. Again, 7 miles away. We get in the car and head out. Seven miles later, we’re near a farm field, not a cemetery. We passed a number of cemeteries. This can’t be right. I’ll email the CO when I get home. 

Quickly, we look to see if there is a nearby traditional cache that I can find before I have to get back to Fort Wayne to go to work. Just across the state line is GC816JW Scranton. We decide that will be the cache. We pull up to GZ. A guardrail. Being the idiot that I am, I don’t read the cache page, and I stick my hand where I think the cache is. Instead I found a hive of some kind of stinging insects. My right hand swells up. I’m in pain. I look at the cache page and quickly find and sign the cache.

We drive into Decatur, Indiana, to a drugstore. I get some cream to put on the places where I was stung. We buy an icepack. The pain is great. The swelling lasts for a few days. My 366 grid is one day closer to completion.

And as for the Robert Nesbitt cache. I did the math right. I plugged in N 40 50.XXX instead of N 40 55.XXX, thus sending my 7 miles south of where I was. This year on Labor Day, I’ll head back to Convoy and I will find that cache.

What is your most memorable DNF? Send in your story – “The Best Cache I Never Found” series can continue!

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