If you’ve ever searched for “geocaching” on YouTube, you would’ve be flooded with a plethora of videos from the Geocaching Vlogger, aka Joshua Johnson. He has vlogged his geocaching adventures since February 2011 and continues to “bring joy to the world” with a new film each week. However, the question becomes, as you click on video after video (because, let’s be honest, they’re quite possibly as addictively entertaining as real-life geocaching itself) – What are Josh’s favorite geocaches? Wonder no more! He so kindly put together a playlist of his favorite geocache finds by type (10 in all) inspired by Show 93 Favorite Finds Part One and shared it with us.

Photo Credit: The Geocaching Vlogger

Click here to view the whole playlist: The Geocaching Vlogger’s FAVORITE GEOCACHES!

The Geocaching Vlogger lives in Minnesota and travels the world in search of the greatest geocaches of all time. You can watch his adventures on YouTube (The Geocaching Vlogger) and find him on Twitter (@GeocachingVlogs), Instagram (@GeocachingVlogger), Facebook (@TheGeocachingVlogger), and Patreon (The Geocaching Vlogger).

What do you think? Which one of the Geocaching Vlogger’s geocache finds is your favorite? What’s your favorite find (or finds)? Share your answer with us (please include at least one picture), and we’ll feature you on our blog! Find our information below or send an email to geocachetalk@gmail.com.

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