In historic fashion, Geocache Talk has expanded the Vlogging side of our network by adding two new members to the team:

Geoff May – Cache the Line

Come follow along on some geocaching adventures in the wild blue yonder!

To find out more about the name, visit

The inspiration for Chasing the Ironman came from my late mother and sister. In 2011 my mother was diagnosed with ALS – shortly after I began my one year challenge – and she passed away only days after I finished. This journey began with her, and it continues dedicated to her. Her full story is here:

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Zak Fick – SoDakZak

Introducing SoDakZak, he was the first affiliate of the Geocache Talk Network. Zak will be our man in the field reporting on events and actually finding caches live on the show. If you caught Show 42, you heard Zak find a cache live on the show – a first for a geocaching podcast. He found an easy one this time but if you have seen any of his videos in the past you know that is not his norm. There is no telling where Zak will report from in the future.