Welcome to the Geocache Talk blog! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Sarah and I write a little blog called The Geocaching Junkie, all about my geo-adventures both at home in Ireland, and also when I’m on my travels near and far. My blog keeps me busy, alongside my 9-5 job and my wedding planning (less than four months to go – eeek!).

I am a big Geocache Talk podcast fan, although I can’t listen live without staying up very late, so instead, I listen to the recordings as I do my weekly drive from Dublin to Belfast. I was honoured when Gary came to me for advice on starting a Geocache Talk blog.

Since I run my own personal blog, it wasn’t feasible for me to write both at the same time, so my idea is to make this blog more of a collaboration between our Geocache Talk team and YOU – the listener! I want to work with you to tell your geocaching stories – the topics can be anything at all to do with geocaching: why you started, a memorable day, what your favourite cache type is and why, a cache you own that you’re particularly proud of – the list goes on!

In addition, we will have some regular featured posts. Namely, the Millennium Club, which will be a profile of a geocacher who has just found their 1,000 cache find milestone, and The Best Cache I Never Found, which will be stories about awesome geocaching adventures that ended in a DNF. If you fit either of these topics, let me know and let’s get you featured!

This will be YOUR blog, all about you and your adventures. I will work with you to best tell your story, and accompanying photos will be a must too. I am very excited about what this could become and am really looking forward to collaborating with you all.

If you want to get in touch with me and share your post ideas, please drop me a line: sarah@thegeocachingjunkie.com

Happy Caching!


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